The Story of Blue Boy

Our History

The Story

The Blue Boy Inn was opened in 2005 by Montreal native Marc Tremblay.  After many years of travel in the Caribbean, he fell in love with Rincon and decided to build his dream guest house here.  With an artist’s vision, he renovated a neglected single-family home and turned it into the unique and elegant property that it is today.  Marc has since moved on to build new dreams, and owners Wes and Karen Clark now live and work on-site with the mission of honoring and continuing Marc’s legacy.  Because they live on-site, Wes and Karen can manage all of the daily operations of the inn with careful attention to detail.  If there’s anything a guest needs, they are there to help.


The Inspiration

The Blue Boy (c. 1770) is an oil painting by Thomas Gainsborough. Perhaps Gainsborough’s most famous work and the best known painting at the Huntington, The Blue Boy is thought to be a portrait of Jonathan Buttall, the son of a wealthy hardware merchant who was a close friend of the artist. It is an historical costume study as well as a portrait: the youth is dressed in a costume dating from about 140 years before the portrait was painted.  The 17th-century apparel was familiar through the portraits of the great Flemish painter, Anthony Van Dyck (1559-1641), who was resident in England during the early 17th-century.  Gainsborough greatly admired the work of Van Dyck and the Blue Boy is regarded as Gainsborough’s homage to that master.  In particular, the painting is very close to Van Dyck’s portrait of Charles II as a boy.  The work was executed during Gainsborough’s extended stay in Bath before he finally settled in to London in 1774.  Mr. Huntington purchased the painting along with Gainsborough’s The Cottage Door and Reynold’s Sarah Siddons as the Tragic Muse from the Duke of Westminster.


While looking for a name for my Guesthouse, I wanted it to be as special as the house itself.  Since I have always admired the Renaissance style, I considered it a unique combination with the Caribbean way of life.  Therefore the Blue Boy Inn will give a new taste to this country, at the same time blend in beautifully and will be my personal signature around the world.

~ Blue Boy Inn Creator Marc Tremblay